For any purchase, it is necessary that the customer to register previously, completing the data collection form, which would be truthful, accurate and complete. This form will be provided by CASHDISPLAY staff once you contact the company.

Once the buyer sends by mail or telephone the desired merchandise, the CASHDISPLAY staff sends the budget, whose acceptance would be formalized in the payment, which entails the immediate acceptance of the general conditions.

The buyer should make sure that the products that appear in the budget are really the desired ones. CASHDISPLAY is not responsible for any errors assumed in them, both parts considering correct the references that appear in the budget, under no circumstance what could appear in any other electronic medium.

In case of a stock breach once the order has been formalized, the customer can choose between the payment of the same, the reservation (if it is a product to be replenished), or substitution for a product with similar characteristics without increasing the price.

All our products are properly protected, so you must use the right tools to ensure that you do not damage the piece. Once the order has been received, the buyer must be careful when opening the packaging, and for the damages caused by the buyer removing the packaging and damaging the goods CASHDISPLAY cannot be held responsible, for example, if he uses a knife to eliminate the packaging and protections and the goods are damaged.


The customer may choose to withdraw the order at the CASHDISPLAY facilities, send to his transport agency to collect or request to be sent by the transport agency with which this company operates, at postage due (to which he must pay the amount of the freight to the delivery of the merchandise).

To pick up the order at the buyer's premises, as well as for shipping any transport agency to the withdrawal of the same, the collection address will be: Calle Roma S/N, 28977 Casarrubuelos (Madrid). The opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (subject to possible modifications in the summer period and on the eve of public holidays). All this once it has been formalized, and it has been confirmed that it can be withdrawn.

For shipments to the Canary Islands, the amount corresponding to the DUA will be borne by the customer.

The delivery time is 24-48 hours for standard products without any personalization, as long as the orders are made before 13:30 hours, and it has been confirmed that stock is available. For non-standard or custom products, the delivery time is the one previously indicated in the budget.

On weekends and holidays, no shipments or delivery of orders will be made. CASHDISPLAY is not responsible for any delays beyond its control, which are the responsibility of the transport agency, being this an external service outside of the control of this company. Any claim will be made directly to the transportation agency.

In case of rejection of the order by the customer to the transport agency completely disregarding the same, the customer must assume the shipping costs plus the cost of returning the material to our facilities.


The prices of the products do not have the VAT included, and are expressed in euros, unless otherwise indicated. CASHDISPLAY reserves the right to modify these prices without prior notice, the prices being valid in force, cancelling the previous ones. Impressions are not included in the prices. The prices are unitary, unless otherwise indicated (price per pack).

The payment methods are:

  • Bank transfer or cash deposit to any of the account numbers that appear in the budget or email. The payment will not be considered satisfied until the moment in which the transfer becomes effective, appearing the amount in the destination account, which can take between 24-48 hours. For urgent orders that must be prepared and served in the same day, the buyer must realize the payment with transfer between accounts of the same bank. The buyer must indicate the budget number and customer name in the transfer. The proof of deposit or transfer must be sent to CASHDISPLAY via mail. Once is verified that the payment is effective the personnel of the company will proceed to process the order.
  • Credit / Debit Card: Payment can be made immediately by credit or debit card. Payment can be made with VISA and MasterCard.

In case of orders of special or standard manufacture, or orders with printing, they must always be paid in advance. Until the payment of such orders is not effective, appearing the amount in any of the bank accounts of CASHDISPLAY will not be processed, starting to count the term given by the staff of CASHDISPLAY since that time.

Orders under € 30 will have an administrative charge of € 6.


Products purchased may be returned within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery of the order, according to the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. Returns of non-standard or customized products are not allowed.

For this, the buyer must contact the staff of CASHDISPLAY , who will process the return, assuming the buyer any cost of return of the merchandise.

the buyer any cost of return of the merchandise.Upon receipt of the order in our facilities, and after examining the correct condition of the same, the payment will be made within 14 days from that moment.

It is necessary to proceed to the return that the products are complete in their original packaging, which must be in perfect condition, attaching a copy of the purchase invoice. The return of any order that even the product is in perfect condition, does not have its original packaging or is damaged; the same in contrary case. The return of any product damaged by the manipulation or misuse of the customer will not be accepted.

In case of cancellation of order before it has left our premises, the customer can carry out the process via email. Our staff will contact the client, and after confirmation of cancellation, will proceed to the payment of the amount paid.


CASHDISPLAY products have a warranty period of 2 years, which will take effect from the date of purchase, which is detailed in the sales invoice. This company will be responsible in case of manufacturing defect of the product, having the right to decide between repair or replacement of the same; And in the event that the product continues without being in accordance with contract, price reduction or contract resolution, according to Chapter II, Title IV, Book II of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, for which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. However, when one of the two options, repair or replacement, entails a disproportionate expense to CASHDISPLAY , it will be CASHDISPLAY who will take the final decision about repairing or substitute the product.

Likewise, the term of guarantee for those customers not considered consumers according to the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, will be the one legally established in the Civil Code.

The buyer should contact the CASHDISPLAY staff, who may require pictures to check the condition of the merchandise. Subsequently the personnel of this company will process the collection of the product, assuming CASHDISPLAY the costs of this transport.

Once the product has been received and examined, it will be repaired or replaced. In case it is not possible to be repaired, it will be replaced. In this case, this may not necessarily be the same as the previous one, as the products are subject to continuous improvement. In no case will be made the payment for defective product after 30 days from the purchase of the same.

The product to be replaced must correspond to the one sent by CASHDISPLAY , always providing the purchase invoice. It is important that the product is properly packaged and protected for shipment to repair; if the product reaches CASHDISPLAY installations with damage attributable to poor packaging or protection, the repair may not be covered by the warranty. It is recommended that the customer insert, under and above the product, protective material in sufficient quantity (bubble or foam), in order to prevent the product from moving inside the packaging.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors such as rising or falling of voltage, exposure to extreme temperatures (either naturally or artificially), atmospheric phenomena, fire, water, wind, abnormal use of the product, accidental drops or misuse by individuals or companies not authorized by CASHDISPLAY . Nor does it cover wear and tear for hours, or improper use during excess hours, as well as faults caused by improper installation or handling and storage. In the same way, CASHDISPLAY will not be responsible or bear the costs of the installation, disassembly, inspection, etc. (Such as cranes, scaffolding, operator costs, etc.) that may arise from the replacement of a defective or incorrect product or other similar event.

For products which the client can accompany with graphic printing, Cashdisplay will not be held responsible for any damage produced when the material used for this purpose by the client does not correspond to the one recommended in the information available on our website and catalogues.

Cashdisplay reserves the right to study each product returned for defective defect, leaving out warranty coverage if it is demonstrated that the break was caused by the customer or user, as well as the partial breakage of the product, to force the use of the product. Guarantee for the return or reimbursement of the product.

If the return cannot be accepted due to its lack of conformity with the conditions indicated, the buyer will not be entitled to receive reimbursement of the amounts corresponding to the returned products. However, the buyer may request the collection of the product not accepted for the return within 24/72 hours, assuming in that case the user the new shipping costs from the Cashdisplay stores.

This warranty only covers the products applied in the uses for which they were conceived or "normal use" defined as follows:

  • The operating conditions are in accordance with the information reflected in the products and packaging.
  • The ambient temperature must never exceed the operating temperature range of -20 ° C to + 30 ° C, depending on the product and its material.
  • The relative humidity of the installation must never exceed 80% RH or the IP category of the product where applicable, for products with lighting.


In case of receiving a product other than the product that appears in the order, the buyer has 48 hours to make the claim from the receipt of the same. To do this, you must contact the company staff via email or telephone.

Once the form has been received, the Cashdisplay staff will contact the customer to manage the collection of the wrong product, and upon receipt of the product and the corresponding error verification, the correct material will be sent. Shipping costs will affect Cashdisplay.


In case of receiving an order in which the quantity does not correspond to the one in the order, the customer has 48 hours to make the claim from the receipt of the same. To do this, you must contact the company staff via email or telephone.

After receiving the form, Cashdisplay staff will contact the client, and after proceeding to check the error, will send the units that in their case are missing. Shipping costs will affect Cashdisplay.


As long as the transport has been managed by Cashdisplay with the transport company that this one operates, at the time of receipt of the goods there is damage to the packaging or lack of merchandise, it must be indicated in the waybill that is given to you by the carrier. Cashdisplay will not accept claims for breakage in transport in case of not having indicated the incidence in the delivery note of the carrier.

In this case, the client has 24 hours to inform Cashdisplay of these facts.

Any claim for breakage, hit, or loss of any package by the transport, made after 24 hours from the reception of the order, will be rejected.

Cashdisplay will contact the client, requesting a photograph of the damaged material, and after the case study, manage the collection of the damaged material. Once the material is received in our facilities, and having verified that the damages have been caused during the transport, will proceed to send the replacement of the same.

Also, Cashdisplay may, for the obviousness of the case, send directly the replacement of the product, after analysis of the photographs.

In any case, in all cases in which the customer has managed the transport on their own, the claims must be made directly to the corresponding transport agency, Cashdisplay not proceeding to replace any of the merchandise.


The conditions described above may vary in products subject to promotions.

The offers and promotions will only be valid until the date indicated by the promotion itself, not being able to become effective for orders after the indicated date or changes made afterwards.

The end of the offer date may be altered due to the exhaustion of stock.


Discounts will be applied for volume of purchase, which should be consulted Cashdisplay staff.

Also, for invoices over € 5.000, a discount of 10% will apply; for invoices over € 10.000 the discount will be 20%.

These discounts are not cumulative with each other or with other current promotions.

No discounts will be applied on non-standard products.


The buyer must send the files in the format indicated by the staff of Cashdisplay. The buyer is solely responsible for the uploaded files. Cashdisplay is not responsible for any content error of the graphic or its measures, the buyer must carefully review the files before sending them for printing.

If at the request of the buyer, Cashdisplay makes any modification of the text or composition of a file, the ultimate responsible for the changes made will be the customer.

If Cashdisplay detects low resolution files, it will inform the client accordingly so that it can be replaced. If he decides to keep the original files, CASHDISPLAY will not be responsible for the printing of pixelated images or texts.

The selection of the content and images to be printed, as well as the corresponding authorizations for reproduction, if necessary, are the exclusive responsibility of the buyers.

Cashdisplay is not responsible for the unauthorized use of images by the users or for any type of violation of the rights of third parties that may exist on them.p>

Therefore, the user exempts Cashdisplay from any responsibility to third parties that could claim violations of intellectual property rights, damage to the image, honor, decorum, moral integrity or any patrimonial or non-patrimonial damages caused by the printing of the Images and their contents.

Cashdisplay reserves the right to block any request that represents a clear violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or whose contents are defamatory, violent or in any way respect public order or morality.


Instructions for the products can be downloaded from the product's own website.

Certain products may require assembly or handling for commissioning; this will be on account of the client.

Domain Reservation: Until the amount of the invoice hasn´t been received, the products will remain the property of Cashdisplay.

Cashdisplay is not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by persons, damages to goods outside the product, loss of profit or loss of earning potential, any damages arising from deterioration or loss of data. Also, Cashdisplay is not responsible for any loss of profit or loss of earning potential, claims made to customers by third parties, or any type of expense that could be derived from the lack of stock of any of its products.

Cashdisplay is not responsible for any typographical or content errors, both in catalog and on the web, in the characteristics of products that may occasionally occur, and as prices, these characteristics may be subject to change without prior notice. Likewise, the photographs of the products are not binding, but rather guidelines. The articles on the website and catalog have measurements and colors that approximate the approximate reality, but they are not 100% reliable, because the colors can be perceived in a different way to the real one depending on the screens that we use, the levels of light and contrast and other external conditions to our web and catalog.

The trademarks and logos of Cashdisplay cannot be used in any kind of advertising, mailing, advertising material, web, or any other means of distribution of information or content without prior express consent of Cashdisplay.

The present conditions of sale, as well as any signed contract, are governed by the applicable legislation.


In order to file any complaint or claim, the customer can contact the corresponding department at telephone number 91 691 99 67, or at the email address info@cashdisplay.com